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Disinfecting your gear

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Disinfecting Your Gear

 It is mandatory to disinfect all fishing gear that has been in contact with water in other countries before traveling to Iceland. This includes rods, reels, flies, fly lines, waders, and boots. We offer our guests a disinfection service for $50 per person, which will be conducted in Akureyri before heading to the lodge. This precaution is essential to safeguard the pristine Icelandic rivers from any potential risk of infection from bacteria or diseases that may be present on foreign equipment.

If you prefer to travel light, no worries! We can supply with all the fishing gear, waders, boot, rods and reels with lines. The price for this is $50 per day.

Another way to disinfect and the choice of more and more anglers is to disinfect the gear at home before travel. You can order the material used for this before hand and disinfect your gear in the comfort of your own home. 

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