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West Rangá

Ytri Rangá is one of the highest producing rivers in Iceland for the number of salmon caught each year with an average of 5000 salmon being caught each year while in the record year in 2008 a whopping number of 14315 salmon were caught. The West Rangá has a very steady water flow and hardly ever gets colored in flooding conditions make it a safe bet when choosing a salmon fishing destination.

The West Rangá is not a natural salmon river and throughout history it was better known for it’s good sea trout fishing, but due to a very bold smelt release program the river has climbed to the top 5 seats of numbers of salmon river in Iceland.

The river is fly only until September 7th when they start allowing worming as well. The West Rangá 12 to 16 rods at a time making it a perfect option for bigger groups. The river is split into four 4. rod beats so smaller groups also always have parts of the river to themselves.

Rules for fishing in West Rangá are that all female salmon above 70cm must be released into a box so they can be used to further grow the stock of salmon running every year. All trout must be released back into the river.

The Lodge

Fly fishing in Iceland – Mýrarkvísl –
The West Rangá Lodge is a high class lodge with 18 double bedrooms, stunning dining room, seating area and a fully furnished kitchen. Accommodations is Mandatory along with full catering in the lodge from July 16th until September 6th.


The West Rangá is situated 90 km from Reykjavík or about 1.5 hour drive.

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Photos from West Rangá!

The Lodge