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Recommended Tackle for Fishing in Our Rivers


For trout and char, single-handed rods are most effective. We suggest 9 or 10 ft fly single-hand rods with floating lines, ranging from 4 to 6wt. Short to medium length casts are typically employed in trout fishing. Ensure you have a quality fly reel that can accommodate the appropriate line for your rod, along with quality backing.

For sea trout fishing, we recommend 7wt single-hand rods with floating lines, and for Atlantic salmon, opt for 7 or 8wt rods. Keep in mind that salmon and sea trout can weigh up to 20lbs+, so ensure your drag and backing are in good condition.


You will need a reel with a sturdy brake system and plenty of backing. The fish in Iceland can be sizable, so it’s crucial to have a reel that can assist you in battling these formidable creatures.


We have a fly shop at the lodge where you can secure a box of flies for your trip. Typically, we offer two sizes of boxes with the most popular patterns. The smaller box is priced at $200 (40-50 flies), and the larger box at $400 (80-100 flies).


Wearing waders is essential for fishing in all our rivers. They allow you to cross the river safely and sit on damp banks during rainy periods without getting wet and cold. Be sure to test your waders beforehand to ensure they are watertight. We recommend Gore-Tex/breathable waders of good quality for comfort and ease of movement. Consider bringing a collapsible wading staff for added stability, especially if you’re unsure of your footing. If you prefer not to wade, please inform your guide so adjustments can be made accordingly.


Floating lines are used in our rivers 98% of the time. However, having a sink tip in your pocket can be useful in case of high or colored water conditions.

Leaders & Tippet Material:

Trout in Iceland are not particularly leader shy, so you can generally use 3x tippet for nymphs and dry flies, and 1x for streamers. However, for challenging dry fly conditions, it’s advisable to have 4x and 5x tippet. For sea-run brown trout and salmon fishing, ensure you have spare spools of quality tippet ranging from 25 lbs down to a minimum of 15 lbs.

Recommended Clothing & Outerwear:

• Chest waders (preferably Gore- Tex/ breathable for comfort and mobility)
• Waterproof wading or fishing jacket or wading vest with hood
• Fleece type windproof jacket
• Waterproof hood or hat
• Peaked cap or hat to assist vision into the water • Fishing shirts – ideally cotton or brushed cotton/wool
• Warm sweater or fleeces
• Warm, comfortable wading socks
• Thermal/microfibre long underwear
• Warm fishing trousers
• Light fishing gloves (open mitt is excellent for improved line control)
• Light windbreaker jacket
• Life vest, pack or inflation belt
• Wading staff (ideally folding)
• Polaroid glasses (one spare pair is ideal) with amber or light brown lenses.
• Comfortable, casual clothing for travel and for wearing at the lodge
• Suitable transformer for electric shaver or other appliance (Iceland has 220 240 volt, 50 cycle current)

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