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Greylag Goose Hunting

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Greylag Goose Hunting

The hunting season starts the 20th August and we hunt the greylag goose until it moves south for the winter. We hunt the greylag geese mainly by ambushing them when they come in the fields in the morning or when they come in the waters at the evening.

Iceland hunting guide offers custom greylag goose hunting tours from half day trip, taking one morning on a field or one evening near the waters, up to days of hunting combining everything that we can offer you. We arrange the licenses needed, guns and hunting gear.

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Duration: From 6 hours up to several days of hunting, your choice.

Firearm: Provided by us, semi automatic or two barrel shotgun, your choice. We mainly use a 12 gauge shotguns with 28 – 30 inch barrels.

Ammunition: Provided by us, shotgun shells 2 ¾ – 3 ½ inch long loaded with 36-56 grams of led. We let our customer choice their ammunition if they want to.

Other equipment: Provided by us, we use 5 – 100 decoys in the hunt depending on location and time of the hunt. When hunting with decoys we always have the goose caller in the pocket.

Clothing: Provided by us on a request, camouflage bibs or waders, camouflage hood and jacket, warm and suited for Icelandic whether conditions. The weather varies much over the season, from up to 15 °C down below zero temperatures so the customer should dress accordingly.

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If you are interested in a hunting trip with an experienced guide at your side and discovering Iceland, our extraordinary country of fire and ice please contact us.

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