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Brunná in Öxafjörður

River Brunná in Öxarfjordur is a gin clear arctic char and sea trout river on the north/east coast of Iceland.

The season for Brunná begins April 1st and ends after June 10th

This spectacular river Brunná flows through wonderful surroundings, offering areas of unique beauty and diversity. The river courses through a region abundant with brushwood, and as it reaches the lower section where it meets a branch of the glacier-fed river Jökulsá, it forms a highly desired distinct boundary between clear and sediment-laden waters. This is what makes Brunná so special and stands out apart from other rivers in the region.

Have you ever fantasised about landing a trophy brown trout? Well, Brunná just might be the solution. Fish weighing up to 20 lbs have been successfully caught. The average size is approximately 4 lbs. These big fish love streamers and sometimes skating flies if the conditions are right.

It is important to remember that most of the trophy fish are caught downstream from the confluence where the glacier river meets up with Brunná. There are times when the temperature increases and the snowmelt comes down the glacier river which makes the the water really coloured. Due to this it can be very challenging and the lower part could even be unfit for fishing.

The Brunná cabin accommodates four people and is truly a nice and relaxing fishing and hunting cabin. Walking distance from the cabin is a tourist service area called Lundur. Not far away is also a small grocery shop. In the Lundur area you can also find a geothermal outdoor swimming pool. From early August to the beginning of December the Brunná region is also known as Icelands premier hunting grounds for goose and ptarmigan.

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Photos From Brunná