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Reykjadalsá Lodge

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Reykjadalsá Lodge

Reykjadalsá lodge is a comfortable lodge with all modern necessities.

Fishing SeasonSalmon & Trout01 April20 September8 people
Hunting SeasonWaterfowl20 September20 October8 people
Winter leaseIce Fishing & Northern lights20 October01 April8 people

Discover Reykjadalsá Fishing Lodge

Luxurious Accommodation in Northern Iceland
– Nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Northern Iceland, discover the newly renovated Reykjadalsá Fishing Lodge
– Our lodge offers a luxurious and comfortable stay in a newly renovated accommodation with four spacious double bedrooms, each featuring its own modern ensuite bathroom
– Unwind in the expansive living area, enjoy delicious meals in the dining area, or showcase your culinary skills in the fully equipped kitchen.

Outdoor Enthusiasts’ Paradise

– For outdoor enthusiasts, we provide a hot tub for relaxation, and a BBQ area for social gatherings
– Immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of Iceland’s landscapes and create unforgettable memories at Reykjadalsá Fishing Lodge.

Catering Options for Every Preference

– Choose from our full catering services for a hassle-free dining experience, or opt for self-catering if you prefer to prepare your own meals
– Whether you’re an avid angler or simply seeking a peaceful retreat in nature, Reykjadalsá Fishing Lodge caters to all preferences.

Book Your Stay Today

– Book your stay today to indulge in luxury, comfort, and exceptional service that will leave a lasting impression
– Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the beauty of Iceland at Reykjadalsá Fishing Lodge.

Reykjadalsa lodge services

  • Full catering.
  • Self catering.
  • Bedding and cleaning.
  • Free High Speed Wifi.
  • Hot tub.


While there is no bar on-site, guests are welcome to bring their own alcohol to enjoy during their stay.
We provide a small fridge for our guests to store their soft drinks and a wine refrigerator to ensure your wine is kept at optimal temperatures.
Laundry services are available for full-service groups, making it easy to keep your clothes clean and fresh throughout your visit
Rest assured that you can drink the tap water here, as Iceland is known for its pristine and pure water sources.


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Photos from the Reykjadalsá fishing lodge