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Hunting licence in Iceland

Those who intend to hunt game birds in Iceland needs to have a valid local firearm license and a hunting card that Icelandic government releases.

Before you come and hunt with us we ask you to send us a photograph of your local firearm and hunting license so we can apply for you an Icelandic hunting card. Also when packing for you hunting trip to Iceland its crucial not to forget you firearm license at home. Icelandic laws insist that every one that carry´s a firearm has a valid firearm license in the pocket.

Possible breeds to hunt in Iceland

Hunting season of all breeds that can be hunt in Iceland

All year

From 20th August to 15th Mars

From 1st September to 15th Mars

From 15th April to 14th July

Parasitic Jaeger

 Parasitic Jaeger – Only near eiders nest

From 1st. September to 25th Apríl

From 15th July to 15th September


Reindeer – male  (with special license)

From 1st August to 20th September


Reindeer – female  (with special license)

From 1st July to 15th August

by a technique called “sky fishing”

Varies between 15th October to 22th December

Information taken from The Environment Agency of Iceland.

Weather in Iceland

As seen in the table below the weather varies much here in Iceland. This is just the temperatures, the wind and rainfall varies even more so we recommend that you study the weather forecast and dress accordingly.

See some information about the climate in iceland

The weather in Akureyri 2012

Average Highest Lowest
January 0,3°C 10,0°C -10,3°C
February 2,3°C 12,1°C -7,1°C
Mars 3,1°C 15,2°C -12,3°C
April 2,2°C 16,8°C -8,2°C
May 5,9°C 20,1°C -4,6°C
June 8,9°C 19,2°C 2,8°C
July 11,7°C 20,0°C 3,1°C
August 12,1°C 24,4°C 2,0°C
September 6,0°C 18,0°C -2,2°C
October 2,0°C 11,2°C -10,9°C
November -1,1°C 8,6°C -9,8°C
December -1,3°C 7,0°C -10,9°C

Information taken from Icelandic Met Office

If you are interested in a hunting trip with an experienced guide at your side and discovering Iceland, our extraordinary country of fire and ice please contact us.

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