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Lake Thingvallavatn

Thingvallavatn in one of the most famous lakes in Iceland as it is on a historic site. It is one of the biggest landmark in Iceland since the Icelandic parliament was founded there the year 930 on the banks of The lake. The Icelandic parliament is the oldest parliament in the world. In Thingvallavatn you can catch four kinds of arctic char and the renowned ice age brown trout which can be found in specimens up to 30 lbs. It is the most popular fishing lake in Iceland and one of the best fly fishing lakes in the country.

The best time to fish lake Thingvallavatn for the extremely large brown trout is in April, May & early June. In June, July and August the brown trout tend to go out into the deeper waters making them harder to catch with a fly however these are the months the arctic char are getting active looking for food so the lake always has a chance to offer great fishing.

The lodge

There are various lodging options around lake Thingvallavatn.


The lake is about a 40 minutes drive from Reykjavík and most of it is accessible on any 4×4 car.

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