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Laxá in Aðaldal

The River Laxa stands out not only as one of Iceland’s premier salmon rivers, boasting impressive salmon sizes, but it also holds a global reputation as one of the finest brown trout rivers. Originating in Lake Mývatn, the river takes its name from the valley it traverses on its journey to the Skjálfandi Bay. To be specific, it is called Laxá in Mývatnssveit in the Mývatn area, Laxá in Laxárdal as it courses through the Laxárdalur valley, and finally Laxá in Aðaldal in the lower stretch known for sizable salmon.

Each segment of the Laxá sustains a robust population of brown trout, thriving on the abundance of nutrients such as gnats, snails, caddis, and bees affording them an easy life until they encounter an angler’s hook. These trout exhibit incredible strength, accustomed to navigating strong currents, which can pose a challenge for anglers once hooked.

The Laxá consistently offers excellent fishing throughout the season, although anglers may face challenges from weed formations due to higher temperatures. In the early part of the season, trout tend to be attracted to nymphs and streamers, but as hatches start on the river, presenting anything other than a dry fly or an emerger can prove ineffective.

The average size of the brown trout ranges from 2 to 3 lbs, with some remarkable specimens weighing up to 8 lbs caught annually.

We are the lease holder of seven different beats in Laxá in Aðaldal each with 2 – 3 rods allowed each fishing session, which gives you plenty of different options.




Efra Hraun

Neðra Hraun

Syðra Fjall

Ytra Fjall





The Lodge

The lodging depends on the beat as some of the beats have their own lodging while for others we use the neighboring guesthouses.


The river is about an hour drive from Akureyri and a 10 minute drive from the nearest town Húsavík.

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Photos from Laxá in Aðaldal

The Árnes Lodge

Árnes lodge is located in the beautiful valley Adaldalur right next to the big river Laxá. The lodge has nine rooms in total. Seven double rooms with en-suite bathrooms and two single rooms with shared bathroom facilities. Árnes lodge has a spacious living area with some old family history that goes back to the 1600s. Enjoy your meals in the great dining room with large windows facing the charming nature.

Helluland Lodge

A comfortable self-catered lodge that is locatated next to the upper part of Laxá i adaldal. Trout paradise awaits just around the corner! This lodge has eight bedrooms with share bathroom facilities. With a fully functioning kitchen together with a barbeque. Experience being right in the center of seven different trout beats.

Can be arranged for full catering up on request.



Brekka Guesthouse

A guesthouse with 41 rooms, most of which are en-suite. Brekka also offers three diffrent cabins with a kitchen and shared facilities. It is centrally located in a well known region in northeast Iceland, between lake Mývatn and whale watching town Húsavík. The farm is in a welcoming and tranquil county where one of Iceland’s best known salmon river holds much allure.