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Auk Hunting

The hunting season starts the 1st September and ends 25th April. We hunt the Auks like Razorbill, Common Murre and Thick-billed Murre. We hunt the Auks as we explore the sea areas on a boat.

Iceland hunting guide offers Auk hunting tours that take usually one day from sunrise to sunset. We arrange the licenses needed, guns and hunting gear.

Duration: One day, from sunrise to sunset.

Firearm: Provided by us, semiautomatic or two barrel shotgun, your choice. We mainly use a 12 gauge shotguns with 26 – 30 inch barrels.

Ammunition: Provided by us, shotgun shells 2 ¾ long loaded with 24-36 grams of led. We let our customer choice their ammunition if they want to.

Clothing: The weather varies much over the season, from up to 15 °C down below zero temperatures so the customer should dress accordingly.

If you are interested in a hunting trip with an experienced guide at your side and discovering Iceland, our extraordinary country of fire and ice please contact us.

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